The Next Generation—Linking ITO to Value Creation

Oct 15th 2012 | Posted by Denis Desjardins

Changes in the outsourcing industry are subtle, but are increasingly having significant impact. The commoditization of many IT services, the obvious shift to multi-sourcing global service delivery models and the leverage of labor arbitrage have had significant impact on the industry over the past 25 years.

More recently WGroup is seeing an emphasis on linking outsourced services to value creation. In many ways we are moving from the price-focused procurement era into a more sophisticated time that requires all IT services to be linked to value creation. There are a few trends that are influencing this shift; including the shift in responsibility for IT to the business, and the imposition of the discipline of IT Portfolio management through structured IT Governance models.

Further reading: WGroup recently published a new strategy brief titled "Next-Generation IT Sourcing Primer.” Click here to download a complimentary copy.

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