Outsourcing Advisory

Transition Management

Selecting a new service delivery model, and associated service provider partners is only the first step in run optimization. One of the most critical moments in the journey to optimized IT is in transition events where services move from one service delivery platform, or team, to another. Transitions fail for various reasons—supplier selection based solely on cost, inadequate planning and expectation setting, neglecting change management for internal staff, poor governance with metrics aligned to business impact, and inadequate program management.

Whether WGroup was there at the outset of the strategy and planning, or we are engaged after a sourcing relationship has been negotiated, our experienced practitioners help to significantly mitigate transition risk by addressing the primary reasons transitions fail. From program managing the transition initiative, to providing support, mentoring, and coaching to the transition team, WGroup works hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure effective service transition.

  • Program management over service transition initiative
  • Coordination between service provider and client
  • Change management and communications advisory
  • Initiation of governance and SLA tracking mechanisms
  • Transition team staff augmentation
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