The security plan you need

WGroup specializes in helping IT executives baseline the current status of security staff, processes & polices, and technology. In a few short weeks we are able to scan all aspects of security to assess your risks and identity gaps to best practices. The scope of areas we assess include employee awareness programs, security architecture, BYOD, advanced persistent threats, network vulnerabilities, policies, websites, applications, PCI and compliance adherence (e.g. HIPAA, SOX).

Whether it’s readying for your next board overview, a full security scan to baseline the business, or targeted focus areas such as access management, WGroup can help secure your enterprise.

Our security plan services include:

  • Comprehensive Security Review
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Security Education & Awareness
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Defense Strategy
  • Incident Response
  • Compliance Policies and Assessment

WGroup is experienced in monitoring and protecting your business technology. We realize that security for your business is not just about guarding against a breach, but also educating employees about what to look out for, assessing risk to your business, and having a response plan in place if a breach does occur.

WGroup will teach all employees about phishing scams, which are businesses’ biggest risks. We will conduct annual penetration of IT systems as a baseline security health check, as well as monitor external intelligence to indicate how you might be attacked. We will have plans for both preventing a breach and responding to one once it occurs, with third-party services that can provide forensics. This comprehensive security system will keep your organization safe and help your business move forward.

WGroup Security as a Service

The expertise you need. As you need it. When you need it.

How much do we need to invest in security? How many people do we need? What technologies do we need? IT leaders in every business are coping with this business-critical balancing act every day. Universally, the answer is, we need more than we can afford. What’s more, there is no magic security investment formula. Regardless of how much is enough, every business needs to meet minimum requirements to be both compliant and prudent. These requirements include an annual assessment to ensure regulatory compliance, regular reviews of cyber-security risks, and a program of continual improvement in awareness, technology, and process to meet minimum security standards. In order to assist businesses large and small in meeting these requirements WGroup provides an as-a-service solution.

WGroup Security as a Service Summary

What is included?

    • Full scan security risk assessment. Including an executive summary presentation.
      • Includes: security architecture and regulatory review, vulnerability assessment, policy and controls assessment, physical security review, website/application testing, a comprehensive remediation roadmap, and an executive-level summary.
    • Quarterly health check. Provides an update for leadership on progress.
    • All required annual compliance assessments (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.).
    • Monthly hours to utilize for cyber-security consult for all variety of needs (staff meetings, vendor evaluation, audit or regulator liaison, policy creation, incident response).
    • Risk mitigation roadmap (provided with annual assessment) implementation oversight.
    • Access to cost effective project implementation resources at fixed rates.
    • Intelligence on next-generation threats and preventative actions.

What are the benefits?

  • Access to world-class security experts at an affordable price.
  • Easy to manage monthly service expense.
  • Significantly lower cost for resourcing cyber-security needs.
  • Security spoken in a language IT leaders, CEOs, and Board of Directors can understand.
  • Expertise as you need it. When you need it.
Download WGroup Security as a Service Solution Brief