Program Managment

At WGroup we bring practical experience to every engagement. We believe program management is a cornerstone for success in any IT initiative. We also believe that every client situation is different and the approach must be tailored to fit the situation as well as the client’s culture and management style.

Our Program Management approach includes the following:

  • Program management baseline assessment
  • Executive strategy definition for Program Management
  • Project governance design
  • Develop tracking measurements related to defined scope
  • Define required processes to sustain desired best practices for program management

Our program management approach addresses structure, analysis, planning and tracking of IT initiatives. Sponsorship is key to success as structure and planning take time and require investments in resources. The results of this investment in program management is optimized IT resource allocation, improved capacity management of scarce IT resources, and support of IT and business strategy across a diverse set of IT requirements. Our approach is based on PMI principles. We typically begin with a baseline assessment and present findings to clients. We then develop targeted improvement strategies to enhance the project office effectiveness including project estimating practices, demand management and planning, project risk assessments, and project manager competency assessments to name a few.    

Proper program management is a key component to the success of any IT initiative. We employ these steps in the delivery of all our WGroup engagements and we use these same principles as part of our program management service offerings to clients.

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