Governance Model Development

The conventional wisdom of concentrating IT outsourcing to a few large ‘strategic partners’ with long term contracts is now being superseded by the trend to distribute the workload to multiple key partners. Over-concentration on one or two large suppliers has often worked to the disadvantage of the client as entrenched incumbents become complacent and dis-incentivized to innovate or implement best practices for the client’s benefit. Furthermore, with the advent of cloud, many sourcing decisions and supplier interactions have moved from IT to the business units. These trends bring new risks, none the least of which is increased governance complexity.

Our Governance & Multi-Supplier Governance Consulting Services Include:

  • Supplier Governance Capability Assessment
  • Supplier Governance Organization and Processes Design
  • Multi-Supplier Service Level Management
  • Key Contract Reviews (End-to-End SLA and OLA Optimization Strategies)
  • Supplier Segmentation and Sourcing Strategies
  • Supplier-Driven Collaborative Innovation Strategy
As an emerging key mission of IT, supplier governance calls for new skills and new structures. WGroup leverages its deep expertise in sourcing advisory, supplier transition management and supplier performance management to help clients optimize productivity of the overall supplier community by balancing the right amount of competition with incentives for collaboration. The hands-on experience of our consultants as IT operations leaders differentiates us. From designing supplier governance team roles and responsibilities, to standing up governance committees and meeting cadences, to formulating comprehensive hierarchical metrics trees and end-to-end service level targets, we have developed many best practices in multi-supplier management. WGroup believes that a disciplined approach to governing the supplier community can provide tremendous benefits: better alignment with business strategy, greater ROI transparency, SLA performance that actually meets end user expectations (and not just contractual obligations), and continuous productivity improvements are just starters.  In short, WGroup’s framework for multi-supplier governance lays the foundation for true service integration.