Business Intelligence (BI) & Big Data Strategy

With data streaming in from numerous IT systems and multiple sources, organizations are increasingly confronted with the dilemma of having too much data to process but still too little actionable information. To realize value from this data deluge, organizations need a comprehensive vision that addresses the entire information chain including enterprise architecture design, data governance and data life cycle management, “traditional” BI (reporting) strategies, and advanced analytics. Benefits range from cost reduction, improved customer management, operational agility, to trend sensing and pattern recognition, enabling complex event processing with real time responses, and enterprise-wide strategic decision support.

Our BI/Big Data consulting services include:

  • BI and Analytics Strategy
  • BI/Data Analytics Governance
  • BI Operating Model Design
  • BI Roadmap
  • Big Data IT Strategy
  • Big Data Analytics (BDA) Requirements Capture and Vendor Selection
  • BDA Pilot Definition, Planning, and Implementation
  • Big Data Roadmap

WGroup provides consulting and advisory services to help organizations maximize the ‘Return On Data’ from their operational reporting and analytics investments.  The breadth of our consultants’ expertise and the thoughtfulness of our analyses ensure that all angles are considered. From developing the business case and identifying quick wins, through helping clients to select and implement new tools and processes to establishing critical governance structures, we help clients to stay focused on value realization. We work in a methodical, phased approach to build up BI and analytics capabilities. 

It is well known that Business intelligence and advanced analytics will become a primary competitive differentiator to the majority of organizations within the next decade. Since BI and analytics needs are constantly changing, a well thought-out, flexible strategy and proper governance structures are prerequisites to successfully reduce BI and BDA visions to practice.  Furthermore, advanced analytics require specialized competence in sometimes hard-to-acquire skills and innovative tools, and WGroup excels in being an impartial advisor to help clients select the most suitable technologies, partners, and organizational designs to facilitate this transformation.

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