Sourcing Advisory

Our people have over 25 years of experience. We’re both sourcing and strategy experts.


WGroup Sourcing Advisory creates success in:

  • IT Outsourcing (ITO)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Sourcing Strategy Development
  • RFP Lifecycle Execution
  • First Time Projects and
    Contract Renewals

We Focus on Strategy and Outcomes to Maximize Value.

The Next Generation of IT Outsourcing

We have been keeping a close eye on how some of the recent technology trends are impacting IT outsourcing. Our latest Strategy Brief summarizes the changes we are seeing, and provides recommendations for ensuring that IT outsourcing efforts continue to adapt and drive value.

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“The Next Generation of IT Outsourcing”
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Advisory Services

Achieve the required outcomes
Business Requirement Scoping Assess your organization’s requirements as you evaluate a sourcing initiative. What should you source, and how?
Sourcing Strategy We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing service delivery model and advise on the most cost effective and highest value methods to deliver services to the business.
Contract Development Build a sourcing contract that meets the needs of your sourcing initiative and is aligned to best practices.
Transition Planning and Management Transition is a critical moment in a sourcing relationship. We design a detailed plan that mitigates risk for a smooth transition, and if required, we can manage the transition process.
First-time Outsourcing Projects End to end strategy through execution support for a first-time outsourcing initiative covering IT or business processes.
SOW Creation We write the Statements of Work (SOWs) required for your sourcing initiative based on best practices.
Outsourcing Contract Renewal Should you re-negotiate or re-RFP? It’s different depending on the scenario, and we help guide you to a value-based decision.
Vendor Analysis Every service provider has strengths and weaknesses, we help you analyze the providers to determine which may be a fit for your initiative.
RFP Development Not cookie cutter – we will craft an RFP based on the outcomes that you require. We can execute the RFP process end to end, or transition back to your team for execution and negotiation.
Vendor Negotiation Knowledgeable in market pricing, standard SLAs, and typical terms and conditions, we negotiate the best deal, at the best value for your sourcing initiative.
SLA Creation We provide guidance on the ideal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your sourcing service provider.
Vendor Selection We bring an analytical approach to vendor selection. Our unique methodology normalizes proposals to identify the best solution, at the best value.

Case Studies

See the value we deliver

Finance Industry

Comprehensive Infrastructure Outsourcing. WGroup helps a broker and financial advisory firm reduce risk associated with its total IT infrastructure.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Outsourcing. WGroup Negotiates Outsourcing Deal with Improved Savings

Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

IT Outsourcing Renegotiation. WGroup Enables Improved Savings, Better Service, and Increased Flexibility.

Automotive Industry

Alignment of Outsourcing Objectives with Business Strategy. Strategy and Alignment of Outsourcing Business Case to Company Objectives Results in Better Solution for Automotive Giant.