Jeff Vail

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Jeff Vail

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Vail is an extraordinary business leader with 20 years of executive experience with companies such as Unisys, SAP, Siemens/Unify, Quintiq and Dassault Systemes. Throughout his career, he has skillfully operated in the senior-most strategic roles building top performing teams, and has accelerated forward-thinking changes throughout organizations to increase revenue, and gain market presence. Pulling from his broad IT and leadership knowledge, he applies technology and innovation for every company he works with to drive business value.

As WGroup’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff is responsible for the growth and expansion of the firm. Internally, he oversees WGroup’s growth plan, and employs innovative go-to-market strategies that strengthen WGroup’s presence as the leading technology management consulting firm for Fortune 1000 companies.

For WGroup’s clients, Jeff creatively solutions IT services for CIOs and IT leaders, all industries. He is committed to helping businesses transform, and has a specific competency as WGroup’s subject matter expert in service delivery modernization, automation, and advanced technologies. Jeff has extensive experience with private equity groups and many facets of M&A activity. He has successfully developed complex business plans that strategically derive the most value from each existing business. As an advisor on board level communications, he is highly skilled in communicating the importance of increasingly complex IT projects in a way that resonates as a simple solution with tangible business impact.

Prior to WGroup, Jeff served in several senior leadership roles where he played a pivotal role in strategy development and execution. Those roles include:

  • Chief Commercial Officer at Quintiq, a supply chain planning software company. Through Jeff’s leadership over a 2-year tenure, Quintiq increased in value from $120 million to $340 million and was sold to Dassault Systemes.
  • SVP of Global Corporate Marketing at Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications).
  • VP of Enterprise Marketing at SAP Americas, where Jeff led marketing large enterprise and top customers.
  • General Manager of Infrastructure Solutions at Unisys. In this role Jeff was ultimately responsible for growing the $100M P&L of the Global Real-Time Infrastructure solutions and managing a direct and virtual team across R&D, engineering, marketing, and sales.

Jeff is known in the industry for his relentless execution style, and innovative leadership tactics. He regularly speaks on industry events discussing how to leverage IT as enabler for increased business value, lower cost, and breakthrough performance. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stetson University.

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