Janet Ramsey


Janet Ramsey


Janet Ramsey is a senior advisor with a proven history of working with C-level management to bridge the perspectives of IT, finance, legal and business operations while solving client problems. Janet focuses on delivering value to clients through demonstrable results, leadership, innovative solutions and IT management expertise. She is highly experienced in developing IT strategies, IT service delivery models and sourcing strategies for numerous industries. Recently, her focus has centered on negotiating complex technology outsourcing service agreements.

Janet’s most recent engagement experience includes leading the team of a global investment bank in determining whether to terminate an existing, $800 million outsourcing agreement or renegotiate new business terms. Janet developed an approach with parallel activities combining renegotiation with the incumbent while seeking options from new service providers.

Diligent financial analysis and a solid negotiation strategy resulted in new, viable options that improved both the business deal and the technical solution. In the end, the bank terminated the existing agreement and transitioned services to a new service provider. The new pricing reduced costs by 35%, including the cost of termination and transition.

For a global, $6B global packaging company, Janet led a large client team through a rigorous sourcing process that resulted in outsourcing all IT infrastructure services. This was the first outsourcing experience for the client and required particular attention to financial justification, human resource impacts and legal/contractual considerations. Despite the internal IT organization’s highly efficient operation, service providers were able to offer more robust platforms for growth and acquisition, eliminate the risks of the existing IT facility and reduce the overall cost of service. Janet also led the renegotiation of a $500 million services agreement between a global process manufacturer and a tier-1 IT service provider. Janet led the team that analyzed the existing contract, developed the negotiation strategy and directly negotiated with the vendor. Janet coordinated the technical management, financial management and legal resources required to successfully execute the negotiation strategy. As a result, the client organization retrieved many functions from the provider while changing the pricing structure and service levels for the remaining services.

At one of the largest electric utilities in the eastern United States, a new IT sourcing and delivery strategy was the result of another project led by Janet. As part of the company’s response to deregulation, a shared services organization was being formed that was to encompass HR, financial and technology services. To support the objectives of the CFO of price transparency, service choices and service commitments, a new IT delivery model was developed and contracts were restructured with existing tier-1 providers. Prior to joining The W Group, Janet served as a Principal with aligne, Inc., leading a variety of issue-based projects, including outsourcing agreements, merger integrations and IT process and organization changes. Her responsibilities included engagement leadership, business development, client-relationship management and intellectual capital development.

Additionally, Janet served as an executive consultant with IBM Consulting Group, where she led IT strategy and business architecture projects for domestic and international clients.

Janet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in quantitative business analysis from Pennsylvania State University.

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