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David is a performance-driven, innovative IT leader with a proven ability to achieve and exceed service delivery requirements across multiple verticals with deep expertise in healthcare. He is a client advocate and IT outsourcing leader with experience in integration process development, account transition, startup, and steady state operational deployment model for IS components of both small and large enterprises. For every company David works with, he maps strategic business needs to technology solutions to deliver significant cost savings and service improvements.

David has helped many companies achieve technology and operational alignment while delivering a true cost to value relationship. He is recognized for his relationship development skills that build solid partnerships with customers, key stakeholders, suppliers, and subcontractors. In even high pressure, dynamic and cost competitive environments, he takes on a hands-on approach and constantly exceeds customer satisfaction requirements.

Prior to WGroup, David was the Technical Conversion Project Lead at MD Anderson Cancer Center where he successfully orchestrated all technical components of the organization’s conversion to Cerner Millennium. He led both the technical and business change management activities associated with the enterprise conversion plan including the technical validation of the proposed technology ecosystem along with the alignment of people, processes and technology into a supportable operational model. Post conversion responsibilities included writing custom CCL programs which used data analytics to accurately measure specific performance trends and outcomes.

Prior to MD Anderson Cancer Center, David was a Consultant for CoreLogic. As the IT Outsource Integration Director, he was responsible for leading the integration efforts between the organization and a third-party services supplier (Dell). He managed both the alignment and integration efforts of the outsourced services into the operating environment, leveraging the outsourcers methodologies as well as internal change management processes. In transitioning to an outsourced IT service delivery model, he led the establishment of effective IT governance and vendor management frameworks.

As a Senior Consultant for Lahey Health, David led the enterprise design and architecture of a net-new EPIC EMR implementation which brought 5 regional hospitals and 100+ clinics under a unified healthcare provider technology platform. The architecture design was based on the guiding principles of uptime, availability and usability meeting a traditional “four nines” KPI. As part of the process to deliver a successful model for the operational execution of the Epic EMR implementation, he also led an assessment and gap analysis of technology, infrastructure, processes and procedures. Through his analysis, strategy and execution, David helped the organization to completely merge its people, process and technology from previously disparate organizations into a singular IT organization.

Prior to Lahey Health, David was at Dell for 10+ years where he was a Service Delivery Leader for Large Enterprise, Government Services, and Healthcare. He was responsible for mapping technology to business needs as well as the alignment of technology to geographic regions of delivery. Having managed IT projects in roles as both vendor and customer throughout his career, David is uniquely positioned to help clients improve their service delivery models, achieve SLA objectives and exceed business requirements. He has a record of excellence, and is well known in the industry for solving complex IT problems.

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