Daryl Meske


Daryl Meske


Daryl Meske is an accomplished operations executive with over 36 years of Information Technology services experience. As a Principal with WGroup, Daryl leverages his many years with Service Providers in various Solution Design, Executive, and Senior Executive roles.

Before joining WGroup, Daryl was the VP of Advisor Relations for Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS), North America. Prior to working with SIS, Daryl was President and CEO of GSTechnical Services, Inc., (GST), a wholly owned subsidiary of the IBM Company. GST was founded to bring experienced IT Services resources from low cost countries around the world into North America on work visas as “Landed Resources” with perform responsibilities on IBM contracts. Also a co-founder of GST, Daryl and his small team built the company to $175 Million in revenue in just 2 years.

Before his work at GST, Daryl spent a year as co-founder of a small IT Services consultancy called OptiSource Partners, LLC, and prior to that, 32 years with IBM. When he retired from IBM in 2006, Daryl had served for 8 years as the Vice President of Complex Engagement Services, managing the company’s Solution Design resources around the world. During his Senior Executive tenure, his team drove global signings in excess of $115 Billion. He also spent 11 years prior as a Solution Designer/Technical Solution Manager, and eventually became IBM’s first Technical Solution Executive, leading many of IBM’s most significant and largest IT Outsourcing wins, which added up to more than $12.5 Billion in total contract value. Key client successes include AT&T, Lucent Technologies, American Express, Kodak, Campbell’s Soup, Bank One, Foremost Insurance, AK Steel, Goodyear, Continental Tire, and General Tire among others.

Daryl and his family moved frequently with IBM over the years, but have enjoyed living in the Denver, Colorado area since 1993.

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