What Do You Need to Develop a Good Technology Integration Plan?

Nov 15, 2017 | By Keith Chappell
For M&A to be successful, a good technology integration plan is vital. Between 70%-90% of M&As fail for one reason or another, and when it comes to IT integration, most complications boil down to the fact that companies often implement technologies in vastly different ways. But how do you develop a good technology integration plan?

Why So Many IT Organizations are Stuck in the Past

Nov 7, 2017 | By Doug Smith
It all boils down to one question: What is IT’s role in business today? Industries are being disrupted at alarming rates, and companies cannot afford to ignore the possibility that theirs will be next. Businesses will have to evolve and adapt to defend against its technology-driven competitors, and in turn become the tech-driven competitor in its market.

CIO Review Recognizes WGroup as Most Promising IT Service Management Solution Provider

Nov 6, 2017 | By Jeff Vail
CIO Review magazine recently named WGroup to their 2017 list of “20 Most Promising IT Service Management Solution Providers”. The panelists believed our focus on run optimization was exceptional among consulting firms, and that our data-driven, business-first perspective on optimizing IT was essential to elevating the maturity of service delivery and service management within organizations.

Are Your End User Services Best-in-Class?

Nov 6, 2017 | By Rick Letourneau
For IT organizations, modernizing end user services (EUS) is vitally important for digital transformation. WGroup shares what best-in-class EUS looks like with 13 strategies to transform end user service delivery, spanning help desks, service desks, and BYOD strategies.

The Shared Services Roadmap: How to Drive Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Jun 1, 2017 | By Alan Rouse
To begin taking advantage of the many benefits of shared services, companies must understand the challenges associated with transformation. It is important to validate that the strategy will provide business value and not introduce additional complexity. This requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s needs and the systems and processes necessary to implement them.

WGroup: IAOP’s 2017 World’s Best Outsourcing Advisor

May 30, 2017 | By Domenic Colasante
WGroup has been working since 2004 to deliver effective technology management consulting to firms all over the world. Our data-driven, business-first approach to outsourcing has allowed companies to reduce costs, increase productivity, and maximize profitability. Our team’s extensive experience working in IT, business process management, and outsourcing allows us to offer a comprehensive view of the outsourcing landscape and provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed.

How to Get More from Your Managed IT Services Providers

May 24, 2017 | By Jeff Vail
Mark Twain said, “to stand still is to fall behind,” and that witticism is more accurate than ever. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, no business can afford stagnation, especially in IT. Technology is the backbone of the digital business, and the digital business demands continuous improvement and innovation. If you rely on managed services providers (MSPs) to deliver IT services, then they share this challenge with you. Yet, all too often these providers are not pulling their weight.

Four New Sourcing Strategies: Overcoming Regulatory Limitations

May 12, 2017 | By WGroup
As the costs of foreign labor and political pressure against offshoring increase, many companies are seeing declining benefits to labor arbitrage. New regulatory pressures are also making it more difficult to hire foreign workers to work locally. H1-B visa expediting is being halted and it is likely that there will be a lowering of the cap on total H1-B visas issued. These two factors are leading to a rapid increase in competition with many companies looking for new opportunities to control costs and deliver better products and services to their customers.

How to Sell an IT Budget to a CFO

May 8, 2017 | By Rich Carroll
IT can always use more money to build better systems, increase reliability, improve speed, and deliver new features. However, many companies see IT as a major cost center and many IT leaders don’t do enough to prove the business value of their work. This creates a dynamic in which getting approval for the IT budget becomes extremely challenging. Some CFOs will balk at any increase in budget and look for every way to cut costs, even at the expense of system reliability and performance.

Digital Twins: What They Are and Why Every IT Leader Should Know About Them

Apr 26, 2017 | By Domenic Colasante
As IoT, digital modeling, and data analytics become increasingly powerful, more companies are using digital twin technology to improve the efficiency, reliability, and functionality of processes and systems. The technology is becoming one of the most popular new trends of 2017, named one of Gartner’s top 10 strategic technologies of the new year. Used for prediction, quality analysis, design, and maintenance, these solutions have had a major impact on the way companies do business.