Why is Speed Important to IT and Sourcing?

Feb 14th 2017 | By Domenic Colasante
Business is all about timing, and in our current high-paced technology world, IT needs to be faster than ever. In order to deliver the best value to business units, IT must fundamentally shift its model, focusing not on optimizing and building new solutions at the pace of years, but at months, weeks, or even less. Companies need greater flexibility and new innovations to ensure the business is fully supported by the latest efficiencies, features, and services available.

Optimizing VMO Part 2: Vendor Analytics

Feb 10th 2017 | By Rick Letourneau
The VMO’s role is to ensure that vendors are delivering the best business value. Unfortunately, many either don’t collect and analyze vendor data or do so in an unorganized and ineffective way. This ultimately leads to a situation in which organizations are using providers inefficiently without maximizing their real business value. To build a more effective IT organization and get the most value from vendors, it is critical that the VMO develop more effective analytic strategies.

Optimizing Vendor Management Organizations (VMO) Part 1: Strategic Vendor Management

Feb 3rd 2017 | By Rick Letourneau
Vendor management is increasingly becoming the primary role of IT. As the cost effectiveness, reliability, and flexibility of third party services increase, more applications, infrastructure, and platforms are moving from in-house to the cloud. This is driving a fundamental restructuring of IT with a greater focus on building relationships with providers, and working with them to deliver IT services to support the business.

Common Pitfalls in Project Portfolio Management Part 2

Jan 24th 2017 | By Admin
Project portfolio analytics are the tools, algorithms, and heuristics necessary to evaluate project-related data for use in PPM decision-making. This data includes elements of resource capacity, ROI, portfolio impact, value, risk, and other elements important to the organization.

Common Pitfalls in Project Portfolio Management Part 1

Jan 11th 2017 | By Admin
One in six projects is a "black swan," or a project that goes so badly it threatens corporate financial stability. Now more than ever, companies must critically examine their project portfolio management (PPM) processes for optimizing success. Organizations are continually asked to do more with less.

Service Delivery Transformation

Dec 21st 2016 | By Tony Ioele
How many times a day are you told by your business leaders and CEO that the IT department needs to move faster? I would bet that one of your first thoughts is, "Let’s transform service delivery." If you think that’s a silver bullet to solve the agility and speed to solution problem, you’re in for a surprise.

Better Insight and Automated Action, Despite Technical Debt

Dec 14th 2016 | By Jeff Vail
Jeff Vail, COO of WGroup, a technology management consulting firm, together with Pneuron CTO Tom Fountain, presented the webinar, “Better Insight and Automated Action, Despite Technical Debt.” Below is the Q&A session that followed.

Retail IT Roadmap: Planning for Competitive Innovation

Dec 9th 2016 | By Tony Ioele
In the coming years, retailers will face a nearly unprecedented amount of technology disruption and consumer intelligence. If they haven’t developed IT principles to embrace these forces, they are falling behind. With innovative new retailers like Amazon that see themselves as technology companies first, traditional retailers need to act quickly and plan effectively to stay ahead of the curve. They will need a roadmap to address the introduction of disruptive change into their business.

Look to the Future With ERP: Choosing and Implementing ERP

Nov 30th 2016 | By Tony Ioele
Today, practically every company is going through some sort of digital transformation. Whether it is a service delivery transformation, operational improvement using ITSM as a framework, or other change, companies need to be proactive and look to the future to stay competitive. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a core component of this digital revolution, allowing companies to collect, store, manage, and analyze data across a wide range of business functions to drive business goals.

Free Webcast: Better Insight and Automated Action, Despite Technical Debt

Nov 23rd 2016 | By Admin
WGroup is excited to announce that we are co-hosting a webcast with Pneuron on December 1st at 3:00 PM ET entitled "Better Insight. Automated Action. Despite Technical Debt”. WGroup’s COO, Jeff Vail will be joined by Pneuron’s CTO, Tom Fountain, who was also the former CIO of global agribusinesss Bunge, Ltd. and VP & CIO at Honeywell Specialty Materials.